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Solo Pet Doors specializes in USA manufactured automated pet doors, dog doors and cat doors for over 23 years. We build every pet door right here in the USA. Our dog doors and cat doors are the highest quality in the industry, and can be easily installed almost anywhere in your home. For pet door or website questions visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.
With our automatic electronic pet door, your dog or cat can go in and out of the house whenever it wants. You get peace of mind and your pet gets more exercise to burn off excess energy and relieving itself whenever needed, which means a happier, healthier pet. With our motorized dog doors and cat door, you can say goodbye to waking up in the middle of the night to your pet’s whining and begging to go out, and no more rushing home to let the pets out!
The messy issues of having a dog will be left behind when you own our automated pet door. A cat door to the litter box room keeps the smell away from the rest of the house. Our dog doors and cat door to the yard gives your pet the freedom to access the yard whenever they want. That reduces accidents and helps prevent long-term problems, such as bladder infections and UTIs, caused from "holding it" for too long.

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Your Pet's Safety

Before you buy a pet door check with the Department of Consumer Affairs by clicking here or visiting www.consumeraffairs.com
Beware of cheap imitation pet door, dog doors, and cat door: HighTech's pet doors are made in China, but Solo Pet Doors are manufactured in the United States by the original inventor.
U.S. Patent No. 6,966,147