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Solo Pet Doors has over 25 years of experience in the electronic pet door industry, manufacturing the highest quality pet doors on the market. Every pet door is manufactured right here in USA by the original manufacturer. Solo pet doors are your number 1 source for automated pet doors, supplying you with the highest quality, convenient, secure, and safe automated electronic pet doors.

We love our pets and we believe that each pet is unique and has its own needs and habits, that why our pet doors come in different sizes and offer convenient features such as adjusting the distance when the door opens and closes, and the time the door remains open to make your pet feel comfortable using the pet door. A dog door or cat door gives both the owner and his dog more freedom. The dog or cat can go in and out of the house at will, giving the owner more flexibility in his schedule, and no more rushing home to let pets out!

Our pet doors are also the perfect solution when it comes to safety. Sometimes purchasing a door for a big dog comes with a risk that a human may fit through the dog door. Fortunately, there are safe options for you to choose from, such as an electronic pet door that works only with your dog or cat via a small sensor to protect your family and your home. No intruders like raccoons, possums or any other local intruders will be allowed into your home. Solo pet doors are always locked in the closed position for added security, and we offer a built-in intruder alarm as an optional feature.

We work hard to provide you with the best quality pet doors to make your life easier and to have more fun with your pet.

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    Just wanted to add how much I love your product. My dad put one in his house about 10 years ago in Michigan and it is still operating great.

    Jeremy Tunney jeremytunney@gmail.com
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