Cat Door Tips

Cats are all about independence. Cats enjoy being able to come and go whenever they want, and to have free-roaming access to the outdoors. With an automatic Solo Pet Door, you can give your cat the ability to roam free, without the disadvantage of any neighborhood cats, dogs, or wildlife getting inside your home. Only your cat will be allowed inside. You will no longer need to stop what you’re doing to get up to let your cat in and out.

Cat doors come with a small sensor to be attached to your pet’s collar, and only when your pet comes close to the door will it open. That means your cat or cats can go in and out whenever they want, but all the other animals in the neighborhood have to stay outside.

Solo electronic cat doors are completely safe for your cat, because the door closes using only gravity, so it cannot hurt your cat.

Once you have installed the cat door, try these tips to train your cat to use it:

At first keep the door propped open and lure the cat in and out several times with a favorite treat. Make sure the cat only uses this path to go in and out of the house. After the cat gets use to going through the propped open door, activate the motor. The distance sensitivity and the door’s opening time can be adjusted at your discretion as the cat becomes familiar with the door. We are here to help you with any questions.

Your cat will love their newfound independence, and you will love not having to let the cat in and out multiple times a day!