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Pet Door
This is best Pet Door, Dog Doors, Doggie Door, and Cat Door on the market. It is made in the USA by the original manufacturer
With a Solo Pet Door there is no more opening and closing the door for your pets. Our pet door is completely automatic! No more worrying about getting stains on your carpet while you are at work or sleeping. A Solo motorized automatic pet door will free you from being a doorman for your pet. It will also give you the peace of mind that no unwanted intruders can invade your home.
A Solo Pet Door is locked in the closed position, and for added security we offer a built-in intruder alarm as an optional feature. Only your pet can activate the pet door. Strays, raccoons, possums, rats and other unwanted visitors are kept outside where they belong.
Solo Pet Doors offer a more comfortable life for you and your pets since they can enter and exit the house at their convenience without interrupting or disturbing you.
Your pet's health will also be improved with our Solo motorized pet door. Because your pet will have more access to the outside, they will be able to get more exercise and relieve themselves whenever needed, even when you are sleeping or not at home.
Your pet's safety and your home security are not overlooked with a Solo Per Door. Our electronic dog doors are safe for your dog and cat, because the door closes using only gravity, so it cannot hurt your pet. Solo Pet Doors are secure and come with a locking system. The vertically sliding motorized pet door is electronically activated by a small sensor, which is easily and comfortably attached to your pet's collar. The distance and sensitivity of the door opening time can be adjusted at your discretion as the pet becomes familiar with the door. The door is also compatible with electronic fences and metal doors.


Measure the distance from the inside wall to the outside siding or stucco.
If the distance is less then 6", no tunnel extension is required.
If the distance is 6" to 8", a 2" tunnel extension is required.
If the distance is greater than 8", a 4" tunnel extension is required.
When ordering larger doors be sure to take into consideration its overall height. Make sure you have the clearance, especially when installing under a window. Check the overall size on our Sizes page.


We recommend ordering the hard-wired electrical connection over a cord for all wall installation units. The cord is less attractive and dogs can chew on the cord.


Your pet door comes with a free pet tag sensor, but we recommend ordering an additional pet tag sensor when ordering the pet door. That way if your pet loses the collar or sensor, you won't have to deal with ordering a sensor and paying for additional shipping later. Cats are notorious for losing their collar.

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Pet Doors
Standard Pet Doors
When choosing larger pet door sizes, please consider our Pet Door Intruder Alarm unit due to the increased possibility of unwanted entry. The pet door intruder alarm is an optional feature which activates an alarm when the pet door is held open for a longer than programmed amount of time. Automatic shut-off after 60 seconds, and automatic reset feature for absentee homeowner. The Intruder alarm is not available on Model 1008.
Pet Tag Sensors
Additional Sensors
Shipping & Handling: $6.50 to $9.50 for 1 to 4 tags
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For pet doors Model 1812 and smaller: from $15 to $40.
For pet doors Model 2412 and larger: from $40 to $150.
Prices are based on door size and shipping destination zone (shipped from California).
We will combine shipping on multiple product orders to reduce shipping charges.
Express delivery options are available upon request.
Please be aware that overnight shipping requests can range from $150-$200 based on location.
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