Pet Door



Solo Pet Doors are the finest dog and cat doors available anywhere!

With a Solo Pet Door, your dog or cat can come and go as he or she pleases, and you don’t even have to be home! Our vertically-sliding, motorized Lexan door is electronically activated by a small sensor, which is easily and comfortably attached to your pet’s collar. As a result, the door opens and closes automatically, then locks in the closed position, allowing it to keep out raccoons, rodents, strays, people, and weather. In addition, the activation distance and the door’s opening time can be adjusted at your discretion once your pet becomes accustomed to it.

For added security, we offer an optional built-in intruder alarm (not available on Model 1008 or Model 1210).

Your pet door comes with one free sensor tag; however, we recommend ordering a second one at the time of purchase.  That way, if it gets lost, you won’t have to order and wait for a new one, or pay for additional shipping. Cats are notorious for losing their collars.

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