Pet Tag

pet_tag_sensor_article_image_1Your pet door comes with a free pet tag, but we recommend ordering an additional pet tag when ordering the pet door. That way if your pet loses the pet tag or collar, you won’t have to deal with ordering a pet tag and paying for additional shipping, and having your pet not be able to use the pet door while you wait for the new pet tag to arrive in the mail. Cats are notorious for losing their collar.pet_tag_sensor_article_image_2

It is important to order the pet tag size designed for your pet’s size, so the pet door operates properly. Large dogs stand further away from the pet door, hence they need a larger pet tag. The same principle works for medium dogs, as well as for smaller dogs and cats. The Small Pet Tag is for pets up to 15 pounds. The Medium Pet Tag is for pets 15 pounds to 50 pounds. The Large Pet Tag is for pets 50 pounds and larger.

Our pet tags are magnets and therefore waterproof and do not require any batteries.