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Pet Door Lasted for Decades!

Our first pet door lasted for decades; only had to replace the motor after 125,000+ cycles!

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By Roger LevineLafayette, CA

Best door for pets ever

We recieved our solo pet door September 2015 and I am not sure how I've done without for 1 1/2 years owning a large bullmastiff. He is in an out the door and is a happy dog enjoying immense freedom through the use of this door. We live in Calgary (Canada) and the winters are long and cold. The door exceeded our expectation.
I recommend this door to every pet owner that would like to have a nice, reliable and efficient pet door along with freedom from having to release their pet on a schedule. And by the way, your pet will thank you too.
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By Gabriela Calgary Canada

Great up's and down's

My Solo dog door has bing used everyday ,with 4 dogs, for 13 years. All I ever had to do was replace the cord once. Talk about a great door. I order another for my daughter's dogs.

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By Bert

Great Door

I bought the door about a month ago and have been so pleased.  it is quite and works beautifully.  Took a bit for the dogs to learn they could not come right back in, but now they stand and wait.  They know the door will open. It keeps the cats out and allows the dogs to come in and out.  It is worth the money.

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By S USA Greenwood

Well worth the money!!!

We had a large door hardwired into wall, so no power cords were needed.  We had 3 dogs and within 2 days all the dogs loved it.".and so did we.   Both sides have fallen in love with this new sense of freedom.   We had our first door for 10 years with very minor problems.  We had the rope that opens the door break....but it was an easy fix .

I think the Solo pet products are wonderful.  When we built our second house we had another dog door purchased and hard wired into the wall. It is just the most convenient way to use them.

i strongly recommend them and would gladly talk with anyone concerned.   We currently have 2 miniature schnauzers and a huge chocolate lab...they all use the same door And they love it.

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By Tia

Best Dog Door Ever

I have had a solo dog door since 2014.  I got it to keep out critters ie: coyotes or bobcats from following my dog into the house.  My dog also hated the door flaps hitting her so she would rarely use her flap door.  My dog & I have loved every minute we have had the Solo Pet Door.  The door is amazing and the customer service is amazing as well.  It is really reliable.  I am thinking about getting a dog door for my dad as well because I know his dog would love it.  If you're considering a new dog door, you will not regret buying this dog door.  It's a little pricey but worth every penny.

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By Sherry USA Tucson

Love this

We got our door about 6 months ago and this has been the best investment we have ever made! My younger dog took about a week to get used to it but now she is in and out all the time. If we are working late we don't have to worry about getting home to let the dog out and if we want to go out for the day it's not a problem! I love this door!

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By Sue USA Laurence Harbor

Absolutely Best Pet Door

Solo Pet Door is absolutely the best pet door I have had.  We have two 60 pound German Short Hair Pointers.  They are very active dogs.  Anything on or around them gets wet from our pool and is severely tested by all their activity.  Solo gives thems 24/7 access to their bedding and food & water in my shop garage.  The door simply works great!

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By Val SchottEdmond USA

Love this door

I love the pet door. But I have had to replace the top pulley several times. But the door was installed in 2002. So when you take that into consideration, not bad and I have 2 dogs that have 24/7 access to this unit. Thank you Solo Pet Door.

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By Cathy USA Hickory

SOOOO Happy!

We had another electronic door for years and ended up paying almost $2K JUST for additional batteries and collar sensors because if they got wet or 'whatever' they would just not work, then to top it off, the place that we got it from (I won't name names) made it so we would HAVE to buy the batteries from them which meant paying more AND having to wait for the delivery of an Internet order because we could not just run by our local batteries plus store! Then our neighbor told us about HIS magnetic door (he had one like ours that was just sitting in his garage unused as the collars were such a pain)! He had gotten a magnetic one before his first electronic door even needed replacing. When it was AGAIN time to order another door we decided to go with the Solo door with magnetic "tags" on the collar and it can get wet or anything and it just keeps on working, at worst it gets lost and you would have to replace, but we have yet to see one just STOP working the way our others always did. The Solo pet door had fewer "bells and whistles" but was built SO much better and there is less to stop working! Hubby was thrilled with it!
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By Sherilyn USA Littleton
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