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2 houses 8 years

Just wanted to add how much I love your product. My dad put one in his house about 10 years ago in Michigan and it is still operating great. I put one in my house 8 years ago in Pennsylvania. I raved about this door to friends and several put one in too. When we moved across the country to Oregon 3 years ago, we had the builder install the door before we arrived. Zero problems. It is life changing! You can lock it when you go on vacation, you dont have to rush home to let the dog's out and they can patrol at night. The dog's love their freedom and so do we. Thank you Solo.
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By Jeremy USA Portland

Great!!! Just bought our 5th Solo Pet Door

I have owned three different brands of pet doors and the ONLY ONE THAT WORKS RIGHT is Solo Pet!!!!


And let me tell you, No they aren't cheap, but they're not made cheap either. These are sturdy and while I have done very easy inexpensive small repairs around year 8 or 9, they just keep working like new. Anything that requires a collar control with a battery is junk, the RF signal ones are junk, flappers don't keep other things out and ice up in the winter.

I'm buying my 5th door for my 3rd house. They add to the value of your house if the buyers are pet owners which many are. I have not always wanted to go direct from an inside the house wall to outside so I usually put one in the walk door to the garage and one in the back wall of my garage. In HORRIBLE weather, our little dogs can and will potty on a potty pad in the garage, but 99% of the year, they want outside and no more letting your dogs control your life. Combined with real outside fence or INVISIBLE BRAND invisible fence (another don't waste your time on anybody else's invisible fence. Just write the check ONCE) you actually have super happy properly exercised animals. This leads to much better overall less couch eating or chair leg gnawing. Fix one chewed leather couch and then tell me a Solo Pet Door costs too much. Luckily, the house I'm buying now has a perfect door straight to the outside so I'll buy one instead of 2.

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By Gary USA Omaha

The Best

My ex runs a kennal and is best friends with my wife, yes I drink!    I get her cast offs so I have six dogs.  I sold her four (4) along with about seven more.  We have seen the complex, expensive and besides the personal touch of letting them out you could not do better than a SOLO door.  They are there with help and advice (like helping me escape to Canada) and stand behind the product.
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By Gary CSA Hayes

Solo Door

Ive had my door for 8years as of today. I have to tell you if you buy a different door good luck. This thing is wonderful. Thanks people. It was the best 700 plus bucks i have ever spent.

Jimmy P

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By james Palaiajampalaia1212@GMAIL.COM, United States, Warren

12 years

I Installed my Solo door 12 years ago. Have done zero maintenance. 3 dogs using it constantly. It paid for itself with the amount of heat & air conditioning saved letting the dogs in and out. Great in cold weather climate (North Dakota). Now I'm building a new house and just ordered 2 more today.

I got to speak with the inventor 12 years ago when i ordered my first Solo pet door. All I want to say to him is that I hope your living the American dream... you deserve it. Thanks much.

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By Brent EngelhartUnited States Devils Lake, ND

Best purchase EVER!!

My wife and I first purchased a high tech pet door in 2001. WHAT A MESS that was, problem after problem. Several collar replacements and two door replacements later we finally broke down a year later and purchased our solo pet door. Thirteen years and two houses later it is still our dogs favorite thing and life saver for us! We cant say its been problem free however. In thirteen years we have had to replace the collar keys twice due to the dog straching them litterally our of the rubber skin they are in and the other being the rope that pulls the door up breaking. Both these things are easliy replaceable/fixable. The rope took me 10 minutes to repair with a 2.00 piece of rope I picked up from the Home Depot. If your in the market for a dog door THIS IS THE ONE! To this point for us it has broke down to a 34.00 a year investment and getting better by the day. Don't worry about buyers remorse because after you install and use it for a few days, you will pat yourself on the back for a purchase well made for both you and your pet!  3AM bathroom breaks.... say good bye too them forever.

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By Chad ,USA, South Jordan UT

This Solo pet door is amazing!!

This pet door is simply amazing. With my 2 little dogs and my sisters lab running in and out of the house all day long, this door probably opens about 100 times a day or more and has worked fantastic.  It is a quality built door, unlike it;s compeditors, and if these last couple of months are any example, this door will last quite a long time. I am very happy to have found this company and their great product. " Freedom from doggie doorman duty"  You guys rock!!

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By Robert ,Spokane

14 years and counting

I have had my solo pet door since 2001 and it has been used every single day multiple times by multiple dogs and has never had one problem. What an amazing product! Buy it and don't waste your time with other brands. It is rare that this type of quality and longevity exists in our disposable world. Truly wonderful

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By ,USA, san diego


We bought our electronic pet door in 2008 when we adopted a rescue pomeranian.  This door has been nothing short of PERFECTION.  The owner/designer is very much hands on in his customer service.  We lived on a farm at the time and it was perfect as it kept out unwanted critters; but allowed the cats & dog to come in at will.  Due to our age we had to downsize and move into the suburbs and the door went with us; and it has been wonderful.  We only had to replace parts when an electric storm in 2012 occurred and popped the pet door.  The owner of the website/designer was very much hands on with us as we replaced the parts; very professional and personable; well mannered.  His is the ONLY pet door I would recommend for it is now 7 years old and it is still working fine.  The price is reasonable; but more importantly he stands behind his product.

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By BONNIE & MARVIN USA Harrodsburg,KY 40330

A truly wonderful reliable machine

We've had our door for over 10 years and the only maintainence has been replacing cord that raises door and the magnet loop wearing out on the active dogs coller. A big heat shrink with magnet embedded directly on coller works great. A truly wonderful reliable machine. I added a small 12V transformer and light so our nearly blind dog has more confidence and awareness that it's open. Now I'm going to add a small standby UPS so she can get out in the middle of the night when the main power supply is out.

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By Tom ,US ,Bonny Doon
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