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We purchased our Solo Pet Door around 1998.  AND IT STILL FUNCTIONS WITHOUT ANY REPAIRS!  We have used this door over the years for 5 different dogs of varying sizes.  All of our dogs have taken to the door easily and quickly.  At one point it was taking abuse from one of our dogs who would run in and out about 30 times within 10 minutes almost every night... until my husband would turn it off!  Our dog was only trying to find me!  Thank you Solo Pet Door for a truly amazing product.  I dread the possibility of you ever not being available... should we ever need you!  🙂

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By Celeste Varas de ValdesUSA ,Cayucos

Great dog door

I had the Solo dog door installed in June 2014 because I acquired a cat that I did not want to go outdoors and my two small dogs were used to going in and out with their previous non-automatic dog door.  The Solo door has worked perfectly in the six months I've had it and the dogs used it almost immediately.  The cat is not able to get outside, although he will sit and look out the closed door from time to time.

I don't usually write testimonials, but I am so pleased with this door, I just had to let you know.  I was initially hesitant to purchase this door becauze of its price.  It is worth every penny because of its faultless and almost silent operation.  I would recommend this door to anyone who needs a door that will not let all of the animals go outdoors.

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By Dorothy ,United States ,Phoenix

Amazingly convenient for everyone

I have had the extra large pet door for 3.5 years.  This has been such a life saver for me and the dogs.  I would worry about leaving the dogs home alone for any length of time because it wasn't fair to them to not be able to get outside as needed.  Now, the dogs have the freedom to come and go as they want.  We have never had any issues with any of the wildlife animals trying to get in so it has been great.

The dogs love to be able to go out and patrol the yard without restrictions of when they can come in and out.  They love the fenced in yard and the freedom the doggie door provides.

We are moving and cannot take the door with us because the new owners love the doggie door.  We will be ordering a new one for our new house.

I love it and would recommend it to anyone.

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By KellyUSA, Pittsburgh

The best

I had my door about 20 years, i've had to replace the motor and am  going to replace the electrial box as it's acting funny,, I take it with me when I move I simply replace the door or just place a sheetmetal panel on both sides where the solo door used to be   Like I said it's about 20 years old and has served 7 dogs at different times (not all at once) but sometime I do have two dogs at the same time ..At the time I bought it it was the largest one and the price was about $500, I just looked and there are larger ones now but the price is about the same all of my dogs have been between 65-90 pounds ..I thought at the time $500 was a lot of money but I'ts been very reliable, yes you will be replacing the lift rope but other then that it has worked pretty good and my dogs are very ruff on it ..all in all i'd give it an A+
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By, usa ,silver springs fl

Love it!

We are so impressed with the Solo Pet Door.  It took only two days for our dogs to become totally comfortable with going in and out.  And, since they can go anytime they want now, they actually don't go out as often and stay out longer.  Even our collie, who is a little timid and won't push a door that is half way open to go through it, goes through the solo door with no problem. I would recommend a Solo Pet Door for anyone who wants to provide access for their pet to the great outdoors.
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By Myke United States York

Best pet door ever.

we have had this door for probably 12 years. OIur dog is 12 1/2 years old. this is the best door on the market anywhere. I dread having to pay & buy a new one because we are moving. I offgered to buy it back from the family buying our home & they refused my offer so now I have to buy another . I hope there is a repeat returning costomer discount. I don't think I will rtemember to let our baby in & out & she is so used to being independant.
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By Priscilla Atlanta Georgia

Awesome product!

We have had 3 Solo Pet Doors (don't worry...three different houses) over the last 12 years or so.  They have performed flawlessly and have always been one of the best additions to our new home.  I highly recommend!
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By Doug, USA, Huntsville

My dogs love it!!

My husband and I own GS/Wolf Hybrids. 7 weeks ago we brought in another little one. He was 2 weeks old at that time, and by 4 weeks he was completely potty trained. So for the past few weeks it has been up and down up and down opening the door for him when he asks, and for a puppy that is very very frequent. After the first little bit I told my husband I wanted an automatic pet door, so he could come and go as he pleased. Our door arrived just a couple of days ago, and was installed the next day. Our 9 month old monster mastered this door in less than an hour!!! I did extensive searches and research on auto doors, and just couldn't find the right one for our boys and their size. I was getting frustrated, and finally one day stumbled across this company. My door was shipped and delivered in less than a week. It was a little Pricey considering I am in Canada, and the broker fees for crossing the border were ridiculous, but I couldn't be more impressed with this door. Communication with the seller was great.
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By R. LecerfCanada Rocky Mountain House

Best Pet Door on the Market!

We have had two Solo pet doors in our home for over six years and they have never failed.  Everyone that visits our home and watches them operate are amazed.  And every day we still are too!  If you are in the market for a pet door look no further than this door.  Compared to every other door on the market the Solo door is the best.  We would not be without one!  Or in our case we would not be without two!  Fabulous product and great support after the sale.
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By Patrick USA Oklahoma City

Love it!

I love my Solo pet door! I have had it for 4 years and have not had any trouble at all. My dogs learned how to use it quickly and we all love how they can come and go as they please. I highly recommend this dog door for your home!
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By LeAnne
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