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The Solo door works perfectly

Thank you Hank for all your assistance! The Solo door works perfectly and has a new motor and grey box! I love the ingenious design and high reliability of your products! We are up to 3 doors now and will certainly order more as the need arises while also recommending Solo to others!

Best regards,


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By John

Stood the test of time

Dear Solo-

We bought your product almost 10 years ago, and it has stood the test of time.  After having traditional  doors destroyed within 6 months, letting tons of cold air in the garage during the winter, we took a chance and couldn’t have been happier.  Thank goodness for the internet!  When we decided to build a new house, one of  the first things on the plans was the opening for your automatic dog door.  It has been a lifesaver at our current home.  Hopefully we will have as good of luck with this one as with our current door! Thanks!

Leanna Bowers
Wheatland, IA

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By Leanna BowersWheatland, IA

Absolutely love it

 I wanted to take a second and drop you a note to let you know that I've had your product installed in my home for one year now and absolutely love it.  I have two dogs that are on a mission to wear this dog door out and it keeps performing as it should.  I lost $300 on the High Tech dog door that lasted about 5 weeks and found your product as a replacement.  Initially I had some issues with the door sticking when closing and leaving a small gap, but that was resolved with lubricating the channels where the door slides with some lubricant.

I've recommended this dog door to my friends and everyone that visits my house for the first time thinks it's the coolest feature ever. Thanks for providing a great product with solid customer service.

Chris Temple
Louisville, Kentucky

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By Chris TempleLouisville, Kentucky

I can testify your pet door works very well

Hi Solo,

I have been using your door for over five years at an elevation of 10,731 feet on the Colorado divide. I can testify your pet door works very well in severe snow, wind, and freezing temperatures. Yes, two large Siberian Huskies are in and out all day long. The door holds up to heavy duty dog use.

Thank you,
Cory Camallieri

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By Cory Camallieri

Thank you for your rapid service and quality equipment!

On May 4, I placed an on line order for a few parts.

John Hawker

Could you tell me the status of this order?

Thank you!!!

And, we’ve had one of your doors for seven years now….. works great…… stuff is starting to wear…

Sent: Wednesday, May 08, 2013 2:32 PM

I just received the parts in the mail.  Thank you for your rapid service and quality equipment!!

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By John Hawker

Thanks for you help

You were right, the motor and gears are fine! When I took it off to ship I realized that one of the screws holding the cable guides was loose and getting stuck on the pulley wheel's grub screw. Thanks for you help, it's nice to have company stand behind their product and help customers.
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By Eric

Thank you so much

I placed the online order since one way or another I needed the backups. The hound, who BIG & older(Tater) never loses his but the other two are rascals & as you say they do what they do! The Bassett is 2 & still chewing up remote controls!! I thank you so much for this product. It was the best investment we made when we did the addition to our home. Having a pet door that prevents "critters" from entry is terrific out here in the country & having one that will take the water without blowing out the electronics was the answer to our woes. The Russell is my predator & she has pounced on snakes right at the doorway but nothing has come in since we installed the Solo door.
Thanks again,
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By Evelyn Kennedy

Very Satisfied!

I have been very satisfied with with our Solo automatic door. Our doggie has used it for nearly four years dozens of times each day!

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By Frances HeltonBullhead City, AZ
I researched so many automatic doors when my Great Dane puppy joined my family 4 1/2 years ago.  They all seemed to have these big clunky  sensors for the collar, even for a giant dog like I knew mine would soon be (155 lbs now).  I was so happy when I found the Solo website, I called immediately even though at the time they didn't make a door big enough for Danes.  "No problem!  We can custom make it for you."  Was the answer I received.  The owner took the time to work out the proper dimensions for the size it would need to be when my puppy was full grown and the door was finished and installed in less than a week.  It was perfect and I'm happy to say it still is.
Two years ago we moved and took it with us. Still going strong!  I highly recommend this door and company.  Thank you Solo for making this an ongoing great experience.
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By Donna Powell
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